Our Organisational Development Interventions will enhance the working-systems in your company

We offer different organisational development interventions to clients according to what they need, in order to in-vision and achieve specific objectives and outcomes, after which we will initiate a set of different interventions on our client’s behalf. It is important to always keep in mind that organisational development is a team driven effort and cannot be achieved by one or two executives alone.

The interventions we offer include various processes such as

  1. Policy formulation and implementation
  2. Organisation structure, job analysis and job descriptions
  3. Job grading
  4. Leadership training
  5. Self-development
  6. Organisational surveys
  7. Team development
  8. Leadership and life coaching
  9. Performance management and appraisal
  10. Supervisory development
  11. Setting up measurement systems – self-directed work teams
  12. Root-cause analysis
  13. Process and productivity improvement
  14. 5S
  15. Customer and service improvement

Team Development

With support from our UK-based strategic partner Accel, we diagnose organisational and team problems and implement training in order to address these complications identified during diagnostics.

Here follows a schematic presentation of the team development process:

Phase 1

With the use of a diagnostic questionnaire, we will develop a detailed report of our clients’ developmental priorities.

Phase 2

During phase 2, we will develop training content and intervention strategies for our clients, based on the previous detailed diagnostic assessment (organisational building blocks), whereafter we will deliver the training content and interventions to the identified groups.

Our training designs are flexible and almost endless.

Examples of our training designs are aimed at:

  • improving teamwork
  • improving team leadership
  • improving management
  • improving communication skills

Phase 3


The objective of phase 3 is to achieve continuous broad based improvements through structured reviews, feedback and measurements, thus creating a new understanding within the team. In so doing, companies will come to accept that there is always a better and smarter way of doing things and continuous improvement will then become a habit and part of the company culture.


The benefits of our team building and organisational development interventions include gaining the best practice expertise and support for your organisation at a competitive price. We will act as your partner and support system in the process of helping your company meet key objectives, while at the same time resolving underlying issues, without impacting on your headcount.

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