Health and Safety in the workplace is your responsibility - we'll help you understand the legislation

Health and saftey in the workplace is an additional service area that we specialise in – helping our clients to understand the relevant legislation and their consequent responsibilities under the law. The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 was implemented in order to protect labourers in their working environment. The Act requires that an employer needs to set up and maintain a safe working environment; thus, an environment that does not pose a threat to its workers' health or safety.

In order to adhere to these regulations, an employer has to ensure that the workplace is free of any hazardous materials and substances, including benzyne, chlorine, micro organisms, dangerous equipment or processes, etc. Hazardous materials refer to anything that can cause harm, injury, disease or death to the employees. Where it is impossible to remove hazardous objects, for example in the manufacturing industry, an employer needs to inform the workers about the dangers concerned with working in that specific environment. An employer needs to tell his/her workers how they can prevent being injured on duty, how to work safely and to avoid causing harm to themselves or any other employees. Protective gear, such as head gear and safety boots, are also a prerequisite in industries that require employees to work in high-risk environments.

Labour Law Experts can assist employers in various industries to make sure that they understand and implement the correct measures in their companies to protect both themselves and their employees.

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