We'll make any DISCIPLINARY hearing procedure less Stressful

Labour Law Experts are qualified to chair disciplinary hearings

When one of your employees commits an act of misconduct, he or she may be subjected to an internal disciplinary hearing.

Disciplinary hearings, however unpleasant, are often an unavoidable part of running a business or company. If and when the time comes that you as an employer has to act against a member of your staff or workforce by way of initiating disciplinary action, you need to be well organised and prepared for the hearing that will follow. Following the correct disciplinary hearing procedure is of extreme importance for your company.

One of the most crucial parties involved in the hearing is the chairperson. All internal disciplinary hearings need to be chaired by a neutral and objective third party that has no prior involvement in the case in question.

There are a number of reasons that can cause an employer to initiate a disciplinary hearing against a staff member. Some of these reasons are:

  1. General misconduct - this includes  all wrongful, improper and unlawful behaviour in the workplace.
  2. Unauthorised absence from work - this is when employees stay away from work without permission.
  3. Misuse of email, internet and/or social media sites - this is when employees use their work time to catch up on personal emails or social media accounts.
  4. Theft or fraud - theft or fraud is often the subject of internal hearings.

Labour Law Experts’ equipped team of legal experts is qualified to act as objective third party chairpersons at companies’ internal disciplinary hearings. During the hearing, the duty of our chairperson will be to ensure that all parties are kept in order, that the disciplinary hearing procedure is followed correctly and that the hearing proceeds without incident, while at the same time ensuring the hearing has a fair outcome.

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